Estate planning is the process of accumulating and disposing of an
estate to maximize the goals of the estate owner.  Estate Planning
requires more than someone who knows the law, it requires an
experienced trusted attorney who can guide you through the process.
You love your kids; you love your
spouse.  Then there's your brother, your
mother, and perhaps even your
grandchildren.  But too often people
make important estate planning
decisions without fully considering the
impact on those they love most.
Estate Planning is one of the most important
decisions that you will ever make.  Finding the
right person to guide you through the process and
consult with you makes all the difference.
Areas of Practice
Estate Planning
You have worked hard your entire life to
get to where you are today.  All to often
people fail to take the necessary steps to
ensure that their assets will be
distributed the way they want.  A proper
will ensures that a court will not be the
one making  the decisions that effect
those closest to you.
Last Will and Testament
Living trusts are used because they
allow assets to be passed to heirs without
going through the process of probate.
Avoiding probate will normally save
substantial costs (the probate courts,
charge a fee based on a percentage net
worth of the deceased), time, and
maintain privacy (the probate records
are available to the public, while
distribution through a trust is private).
Living Trust
Through Proper Estate Planning
Avoid Probate-Avoid Delays-Avoid Disputes
Living trusts also can be utilized to plan for unforeseen
circumstances such as incapacity or disability.
Other Services Include:
Durable Powers of Attorney
Medical Durable Powers of Attorney
Real Estate Closings
Documentation Review
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